Our Senior Pastor

Richard Powell

Richard has been Senior Pastor of Bodmin Community Church for a number of years. He has been married to Alison since 1998 and they have four lively and enthusiastic children! Richard loves any activity that involves getting out in the fresh air, especially with the family. Before having children, Alison was an Art Teacher at a Secondary School in Hampshire but is now fully occupied and very happy in her role as Wife, Mum and Pastor's Wife!

Assistant Pastor

Andrew Dowey

Andrew and Vicky Dowey

Andrew and Vicky have been at Merland Rise Church since 2011. Vicky is a teacher at a local school. They have two young children, Elliott and Noella.

Our Elders

The Church is led by a Leadership team of Elders and Deacons, including the Pastors.
The Elders, most of whom are Managing Trustees, are responsible for Church's direction, doctrine, devotion, and discipline. The Deacons are responsible for the day to day programme of the church,including encouraging and supporting all the volunteers who run the activities.

Gary Mann

Gary and Lec Mann

Gary and Lec (short for Alexis) have been at Merland Rise since 1984 and he has been a Elder here for a number of years. Having retired early Gary is able to spend more of his time helping around church. Gary is particularly involved in developing our ministry in the community and continues to lead our mission to Tanzania.
As well as being a homemaker, Lec helps with our senior people's ministry, which often includes hair cutting. They have two grown up daughters, Kerry and Vicki, two son in laws, Simon and Githanda and two grandsons, Fumo and Gikeno.
They can be contacted on:
Telephone: 01737 358291

Mark Childs

Mark and Mandy Childs

Mark and Mandy have been at Merland Rise since the late 80s, and Mark became an Elder at the same time as Gary. Mark has his own business, working in specialist areas of Human Resources. Mandy is a teacher and Mum. They have two daughters, Ellen and Joanna. Mark looks after the staff.

They can be contacted on:
Telephone: 01737 814270

Jim Davis

Jim and Petra Davis

Jim and Petra have been at Merland Rise since the mid 90s. Jim was a Bank Manager for a number of years and is now a language teacher. As well as being a regular preacher, Jim currently has responsibility for home groups. Petra is a Deacon and is involved in group leadership, and networks with a number of women in the church and community. They have two children, Jonathan and Christina and a son in law, Kristian.

Kristian Lane

Kris and Christina Lane

Kristian and Christina have grown up in the church over last 20 something years. Kristian works in the healthcare department of the local prison whilst Christina is a Primary School teacher. Both are involved in worship leading and in the worship band in the church. They have also been involved in several of the church's mission trips to Tanzania including leading recent trips

The Deacons

Each of the Deacons has an area of church programme in which they support and encourage the leaders. Together the Deacons determine what we attempt to provide week to week.

Ron Walker

Ron and Jenny Walker

Ron is the church treasurer. He loves to hear from those who want to give regularly to the church and all it supports, including arranging Gift Aid commitments. Ron is married to Jenny.

Ruth Warren

Richard and Ruth Warren

Ruth is the church Administrator. She is married to Richard, and can be contacted by:
Telephone: 01737 362440
Email: mrcadmin@talktalk.net

Petra Davis

Petra is married to Jim, one of the Elders. She has particular interest in family outreach, and in training throughout the church.

Caroline Heaven

 Caroline is married to Tony. As a Deacon she supports the Sunday morning Kids groups, which are also attached to the national Urban Saints network.

John Barry

John is himself profoundly Deaf. He provides , along with Rosie Westby, leadership and support to our Deaf people, and the BSL signing team. he is married to Celia.

Rosie Westby

Rosie leads the BSL team. She also supports Community Outreach and takes an interest in making sure new people feel properly welcome. Rosie is married to Nick.

Peju Laryea

Peju supports Youth outreach, taking a particular interest in our Monday evening 'Urban Saints' groups. Peju is married to Francis.

Dr Tony Holton

Tony, who is married to Bren, keeps an overview of the Adult outreach programme of the church, and the teams involved in activities like the Alpha course.

Other Team

Simon & Kerry Pain

Simon & Kerry look after the church website. They can be contacted by:
Email: web@merlandrisechurch.org.uk