Isaiah 26:3

Question for Home Groups or private reflection

Recap Questions
  1. What three areas are covered by the promise of perfect peace? (It may be helpful to look at Isaiah 25:12-26, Isaiah 26:2, Romans 5:1 & Isaiah 26:3)
  2. How do Isaiah 26:3 and Isaiah 7:1-9 demonstrate the importance of faith to the prophet Isaiah's message and for our day to day lives as well?
  3. Read through Isaiah 26:7-9. What are the characteristics of someone whose mind is fixed on God?
  1. Share one thing from the sermon that particularly spoke to you.
  2. What are the areas/issues in life that you are most likely to worry about (i.e. money, family members, work etc.)? When you experience worrying in these areas what do you do to try and stop yourself worrying?
  3. We all know that we can and should trust God. Why do you sometimes find it hard to do that?
  4. What practical things can you do to increase your ability to trust God and receive his perfect peace? What practical things can we do to help one another?
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