The Importance of Church Discipline - 1 Corinthians 5

Question for Home Groups or private reflection

Recap Questions
  1. What do verses 1-2 reveal about the full scope of the problem Paul was addressing?
  2. How is church discipline good for the person receiving it (verses 3-5)?
  3. Who is responsible for church discipline (verses 3-5)? Does this surprise you?
  4. How is exercising church discipline good for the whole church (verses 6-8)?
  5. Who should and shouldn't come under the churches judgement (verses 9-13)?
  1. How do you feel about the concept of churches disciplining their members?
  2. What have been your experiences of church discipline? Are these positive or negative experiences?
  3. "In a church, my sin is your business and your sin is my business". How do you feel about this statement?
  4. Do you give your Christian friends permission to speak into you life and challenge you when necessary? Why/Why not?

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