Question for Home Groups or private reflection

  1. What do you think God is teaching you so far (it's not finished yet) through this series or marriage and singleness?
  2. What, if anything, surprised you about the results of the YouGov survey?
    30% of people said they are practicing Christians but only 10% of the UK population (around 6 million) attend a place of Christian worship at least once a month.
    12% of partnered (marries, civil partnered, living together and married but separated) people attend church once a month compared to 7% who are not partnered (not/never married, divorced & widowed)
    Of those who aren't partnered, 54% are women and 45% are men.
  3. How can we encourage authentic relationships with one another regardless of our status (not just married or single)?
  4. What is stopping you from living life to the full (John 10:10)?

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