God's Holy Mountain

Question for Home Groups or private reflection

  1. "Nothing will hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain" (Isaiah 11:9). What are the different aspects of the perfect, lasting peace God promises to us in Isaiah chapters 2, 11 & 25?
  2. How do we know that the promises of Isaiah 2 find their fulfilment in Jesus? (Compare Isaiah 2:1-4 with Isaiah 11:1-10)
  3. How has Jesus death on the cross secured God's promise to end all war?
  4. If the cross has secured the promise to end all war why is there still conflict in our world?
  5. Share one thing with the group that particularly spoke to you in the sermon.
We have a tendency to think of salvation just in terms of personal forgiveness, whereas the promises of God's holy mountain are much wider than that.

  1. Why do you think we have this tendency to focus on personal forgiveness rather than God's kingdom restoring creation?
  2. What difference (if any) do you think that thinking of the fuller picture of salvation should make to:
    1. The way we share the gospel?
    2. The kind of activities we get involved in as a church and individuals?
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