Gifts of Serving, Giving & Mercy

Question for Home Groups or private reflection

  1. Verse 6 says we each have differing gifts according to the grace given to each of us. So what is the difference between having a gift of serving, giving or mercy and exercising our Christian responsibility to do these things?
  2. How would you define the gifts or serving, giving and showing mercy?
  3. Each gift is followed by a word of encouragement/warning (see verses 7-8). What are the distinct warnings and encouragements for the gifts of serving, giving and showing mercy?
  1. Can you think of examples in your own life or the lives of people you know where the gifts of serving, giving and showing mercy have been in operation?
  2. How can we as a church encourage and support those who have:
    1. The gift of serving?
    2. The gift of giving?
    3. The gift of showing mercy?
  3. For those of us who do not have these gifts, how well are we fulfilling our responsibility to serve, give and show mercy? What practical steps can you take to help yourself grow in these areas?
Spend some time praying for one another.

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